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Whovian nerd rant… Maybe spoilers?

You guys. Peter Capaldi can’t be the 12th Doctor. Sure, he’d be brilliant and amazing as the Doctor but it wouldn’t make sense. Not only was he John Frobisher (NOT a good man, btw, ok Lois Habiba? Ok.) in Torchwood but he was also Caecilius in The Fires of Pompeii, a main character that the Doctor met and saved. I know they’ve recycled companions before such as Freema Agyeman who first appears as Adeola in Army of Ghosts and is killed by Cybermen, who then has her reappearance as Martha explained as being her cousin. Her identical cousin. Like, come on. It also happens with Eve Myles playing Gwyneth in The Unquiet Dead and then her identical resemblance to Gwen being explained by the Doctor as spatial genetic multiplicity. That one’s a little easier to swallow. I guess. Karen Gillan’s repeat appearance isn’t even explained but it’s such a minor role and she’s got all that face paint on. So, whatever on that one. My point is that, while Peter Capaldi would be an incredible choice, I would need some very serious, very precise explanation of why the 12th Doctor’s regeneration is identical to either of his previous characters to accept him. MOFFAT (my phone autocorrects that into all caps because apparently anytime I talk about him, it is in a yelling manner) is very good at intertwining stories to explain minor details so I hope that if Capaldi is the new Doctor, my need for everything to be perfectly canon isn’t ignored. /endrant

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  4. captainbearfist said: In “Arc of Infinity”, Colin Baker played Maxil who arrested Peter Davison for trial with the Gallifreyan council. The Sixth Doctor arrested the Fifth Doctor. There’s SO much recycling, but hey, who says people can’t look alike? It is a big universe!
  5. vaderdude83 said: Did u know the 6th Doctor (Colin Baker) was in an episode of the fifth doctors (Peter Davison) and that was never really explained… just so ya know.
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    Amen to that!!